Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It'll Work On You

In the introduction to this book I'm currently reading, Peter Kreeft tells this story: (Oh by the way, this is a quote. I am too lazy right now to do the quote inside the quote thing)

A student asked a famous Zen Buddist roshi (master) to teach
him the secret of Zen. He agreed and promised the student that if he obeyed everything the master told him to do, he would attain satori ("Enlightenment"). The student came to live with the master in his monastery. Everyday, the only command the master gave to the student was "Wash your dishes!" and the student dutifully obeyed. After a month, the student, impatient, asked the master when he would begin teaching him the secret of Zen. The master replied, "I have been teaching you every day, but you have not learned." "But master, all you have told me to do is to wash my dishes." "That is true, and if you had obeyed me, you would now be enlightened." "But I did obey you, master. I washed my dishes every day." "No, you did not. You never washed your dishes. You have never washed your dishes in your life." "But master, what did I do, then?" "You wobbled."

Deja Vu. I thought this was funny because lately I have been feeling this is my life! I so relate to this, even though I never wash dishes! And boy, do I wobble! But the other night I found this song. Put some stuff in a different perspective. Made me think about how God uses the ordinary to shape and mold souls into beauty if only we let Him. Made me remember that all the Saints learned this obedience simply by this type of letting and working. Not only can God use oceans or cars to accomplish this but ordinary life things that might not be so enjoyable... like washing dishes.