Thursday, February 19, 2009

Into the Light!

I'm finally out of the dark ages... I got a new computer and a camera! Yay! Everything is suddenly bright, shiny, fast, and digital! I've been wanting a camera for several years and finally broke down and bought one, even though it was a scaled down version of what I wanted. I love it though, and I think it takes very good pics for the amount of money I spent on it! I love my computer equally as much! Here are some of my 1st pictures. Me and Tahoe have been going for hikes in this canyon almost everyday when the the weather is nice! It is so beautiful from all the rain, and it's so much fun to watch Tahoe become so ecstatic when I take him off the leash to run! His little furry face beams with joy the whole time we are out there!

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Doug Henning said...

The photo w/ the stick in Tahoe's mouth is obviously the best photo. The dog might be cute in all pictures, but this one captures a bit more of the hound's "animal" side - which is cool!