Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bow Wow Brunch

I found some recipes for dogs in The Bark Magazine, so I thought I would give them a try with Tahoe since he is almost the most finicky dog on the planet. A couple of weeks ago I watched him pick broccoli out of ground beef, and walk away... Leaving the meat! He really likes broccoli for some reason. Anyway, I try to make him things he will like 'cause it makes me sad that he doesn't experience the same joy that most dogs have when it comes to food. The vet told me there is nothing wrong... He said some dogs live to eat and some dogs eat to survive. My dog is definitely on the survival side... Or he is just waiting around because he knows if he looks pathetic enough I will cook him something!
So I bought all these ingredients... Had to search for safflower oil, and research mangos, (first time mango peeler. I know. I've lived a sheltered life) all costing me over 10 bucks... Got this big bowl because I knew I would have enough to feed Tahoe for 3 or 4 days! The 1st night he ate a bowl full, and I was very happy. The next night he gave me crap about the leftovers and barely even sniffed it.
I met my friend Natalia at the park the next day and brought it along to share thinking Tahoe might eat it if he sees his friend Bella enjoying it. It worked for a split second. Here he is gently licking the top of it, pretending to eat... Notice Bella's is almost entirely gulped. But then he walked away...

Notice the vacant bowl where Tahoe was standing for that split second... Notice there is none missing from the bowl...

Then after finishing her bowl, sweet Bella, being the normal dog she is, went to eat Tahoe's as well... At least it wasn't a complete washout!

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Carrie said...

Oops... The account of events is totally right, but I think I posted up the wrong picture. Dang... I would make an awesome detective! Too bad it's after the fact. Notice there is more Bow Wow Brunch in the third pic than in the second when both dogs were eating proving the 3rd was taken before the 2nd. I think what actually happened was it took longer for Tahoe to walk up to his bowl (due to lack of excitement) than it took Bella, and I snapped a shot... then I mixed up the shots on my post.