Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hmong or Tongan?

Hispanic, Latino, Spanish, Mexican, Mexican American, Chicano, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Argentinean, Columbian, Dominican, Nicaraguan, Salvadoran, Spaniard, White, Black, African American, American Indian, Alaska Native, Asian Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Native Hawaiian, Guamanian, Chamorro, Somoan, Hmong, Laotian, Thai, Pakistani, Cambodian, Fijian, or Tongan???

Got my 2010 United States Census form in the mail yesterday! I am a firm believer in unification rather than division. I don't think people should be catagorized in this way for any reason, as I believe you don't combat racism by being racist. Sooooo... as a protest to this line of thinking, I am going to check, "Other," and then write in "AMERICAN"!

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Jerome said...

What, you're not a European American? I filled mine out and had some fun with it too. My favorite part was the "warning letter" they sent out a few days before, foretelling the arrival of the form itself. Ridiculous.