Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blessed Are The Dead

I just finished reading this book last week. I think I used to know that Fraulein Maria was a real person, and that the movie "The Sound of Music" was based on a true story, but I had forgotton... Then several months ago I discovered that she actually had written books about her family's life, one of which is where they got the idea for a movie from. I have always loved the movie, and still whenever it is on tv, I have to stop and watch some of it. It makes me happy. The book made me laugh because to me, Julie Andrews is most certainly telling the story. Julie Andrews must have researched the real Maria von Trapp because it seems she played the part flawlessly. They sound exactly the same! So anyway, I ordered this book to see what it was about, paid 4 bucks on Amazon used, got it within 2 days, and discovered it was signed. This made me happy. I put it on my mantle below my tv to remind me to read it soon. Over a month went by, and one day I was really bored and was realizing once again that I am a big waster of time. I have been given the gift of time for sure, and I am the worst at using it wisely! I was feeling sad about this, sitting on my couch, starring into space, and wondering what I should be doing... I prayed, " God, please show me what to do with all my time." I immediately looked up and saw my book and thought, "At least, I could start that book." I grabbed it and flipped through the Table of Contents. A chaper at the end caught my eye- Chapter # 21- "blessed are the dead". I laughed and thought I had to check out this chaper first because the title was funny! She was talking about a near death experience she had when she was younger. On the very FIRST page of the chapter I read this...

"I am most grateful now for a personal experience of my own of some years ago: I almost died. I had been sick, and now the end-as the doctor thought-had come. One understands that time is running short, and only in time can we do anything for Him, so every moment is precious to express one's love and complete resignation to the Will of the Father."

This made me happy too. I have to remember this on a day to day basis! That is why I am doing this post... to help me remember.

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