Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas and Fundamentalism Part 2

I was re-reading my post tonight and wanted to make a clarification about Scripture that I think was lacking in my post. The Catholic Church venerates Scripture just as much as sincere Protestants do. The Gospels are carried in the Entrance Procession very devoutly, high above the head each week at Mass... The Priest also leans over and kisses it after the Gospel reading... They regard it as holy and inspired and are the ones who have carefully preserved it and protected it throughout the ages. Like I said in my last post, they are the ones who actually met in councils and decided ultimately what books were truly inspired and which ones did not belong in the New Testament, although there is some disagreement regarding some of the Old Testament books. The Catholic Church just holds that Scripture is not the ONLY rule of faith- That is that Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition work together to form the rule of faith. Scripture has to interpreted historically through Tradition, or the chaos that I was speaking about will ensue. Everyone on their own interpreting scripture for themselves inevitably created all the severing and splits that still continue today among Protestants. If anyone wants to read more about this, here is a link...

I am probably only talking to my mama anyway, since the rest of you were falling asleep along time ago! lol Hi mama! I love you!

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commutant said...

I'm usually just starting work when you posted that, not sleeping. Fundies certainly are a trip. Odd how un-Christian they can become when their "rightness" is questioned.