Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dog Beach

All dogs smile when they are here. It is a VERY happy place!

But even here, dogs have boundaries... so sad!

Here is Tahoe being the guardian of my backpack after the incident. I have treats in here. Another dog came up and started rummaging through it, and Tahoe viciously fought him off. This is funny because normally he is really submissive and greats all people and dogs very sweetly. He would not have this stranger touching his stuff! The dog tried to come back several times and each time, he got chased with bared teeth. Tahoe is half Great Pyrenees. They are bred as guardians of sheep and other livestock. They chase off bears and lions. I was really proud of him today for being such a good guard boy!

Our footprints in the sand... I backtracked to take this picture. I think it's cute.

Yes!!! It was great!


Doug Henning said...

Your dog seriously hams it up for the camera... Very lucky. The award winning picture from this lot, though, has got to be the sheep-doggish beast w/ concealed eyes and the giant smile...

Jerome said...

Diggin' the footprints shot!