Friday, March 27, 2009

Old Pictures

Me and my mom went through some old pictures last night. My grandfather was a Master Sergeant in the Air Force. He actually worked on a barge off the beach in Normandy on D-Day! I like these 2 military pictures, especially the one at the desk. He looks like he is doing some important and official work... I wonder what he was working on. Maybe he was just posing for a picture that would look really cool some 60+ years later to his granddaughter! This just got me thinking today... I had lunch with my dad this afternoon, and I was asking questions about granddad and how and when he met my grandmother. We figured out that he was 51 years old when I was born.
This seemed kind of weird to me, because I realized he lived this whole other life for all that time that I don't know too much about... So many experiences he had that helped to shape who he was. I only got in on the later part. Here is a picture of what I remember... Nanny and Granddad with me and Jennifer. My mom told me this was Christmas. I didn't remember that it was Christmas, but I do remember standing out here taking this picture. Me and my sister loved going over to their mobile home on Loma Solo, especially to spend the night! I remember these times clearly, and they were a big part of my childhood! My grandparents were always really good to us when we would come over. I can remember these times like yesterday. I hope that if I make it to 88, these memories are just as clear!

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Jerome said...

A nice tribute and bit of family history there, Carrie. The USAF always treated me right and it looks like they did the same with your Granddad.