Saturday, May 2, 2009

New Life

I am REALLY happy about this tree! See all the new leaves? Yay! Me and my dad transplanted this tree several months ago from my parent's backyard. It is an Umbrella Tree that spouted up on it's own from a giant Umbrella Tree that has been in my life since I was a baby. I love this tree. It is really beautiful and shady, and I used to climb up into the branches when I was a kid! We weren't sure the transplant was going to make it because we didn't get a lot of the root. I was really excited when it started to bud out!
I can't wait for it to grow big and beautiful like my parent's tree! I know these trees grow very rapidly!
I have been working in my yard more lately. I'm finding more motivation just like the gym... The more time I spend in my yard, the nicer it starts to look which makes me want to spend more time trying to make it look nice! Lots of things in life work this way! I really like to make things look pretty... Even simple things, like putting some bark in my front planter with a few new flowers is fun!

My dad built me this cute little bench for my backyard... I like it a lot!

We also laid some stepping stones that lead to this quiet corner in my yard...

St Francis definitely belongs in this yard!

My White Birch trees leafed out nicely this spring! Here is my view up... From my bench.

Tahoe thought St Francis was a tiny man intruder the first day he saw him in our yard! He was very upset and barked viciously until I made him come inside. He has since gotton more used to him... But here he is on about day 29 making sure he is STILL made of stone. He is such a good protector!

And here is my view from my bench... I really love my beautiful little house, and I'm so thankful I get to live here! Someday my backyard will be a canopy of trees. My goal is to make it my own secret garden, but for now I am just content watching it grow!


Jerome said...

Tahoe to St Francis:

Go ahead, flinch. I dare you...He's so wacky!

Dorothy said...

your yard is looking really good but that bbq has got to go. Its time to upgrade lol. I can't even remeber the last time i was invited over for a bbq but i do remember when you started a big fire in it.

Dorothy said...

Actually i think the last time i was there for a bbq was when you had Dave and i there along with Jerome. Didn't we play some game and you and i kicked the boys butts. Lol

Carrie said...

When my beautiful house could have burned to the ground?