Tuesday, April 14, 2009


On Saturday night I went to the Easter Vigil Mass at my church. It was a really beautiful service with the blessing of the fire and the candlellight procession into the darkened church... and the incense! I took this picture Sat. with the clouds... I think the mood was perfect for the coming celebration!

Then... on Sunday morning at the crack of dawn, me and my parents hiked up Mt. Rubidoux for the sunrise service! This is right before sunrise!

This is right after... It doesn't look like it, but it is A LOT colder here then it is right before sunrise... Freezing!

Then we went here! I thought I would stick to the skyline theme! They have REALLY good pancakes!

And finally... to close out a very happy Easter weekend, me and my dad planted this tree yesterday! I think it was very fitting for the holiday to plant life! I love to plant trees! I'm so sad I'm out of room! This is a Redbud... It doesn't look like much now, but if I take really good care of it, it will someday look like this. I hope it is very happy in my backyard!

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